Convention 2012 DVD


 This DVD contains 12 PowerPoint Presentations
  • Hybridizing Gesneriads in Taiwan (GHA Meeting) by Vivian Liu
  • Judges Workshop by Paul Kroll
  • Sinningia Farming in California by Alan LaVergne
  • Sinningia Hunting in Brazil by David Zaitlin
  • Drymonia by Laura Clavijo
  • Monopyle by Jeremy Keene
  • Gasteranthus by Cassandra Coleman and John L. Clark
  • Conservation of Gesneriaceae in China by Wei Yi-Gang
  • Gesneriaceae of South China by Wei Yi-Gang
  • Flower Show by Julie Mavity-Hudson
  • People and Events by Julie Mavity-Hudson


  • Hundreds of high-resolution images of plants and people
  • PDF copies of all four 2012 issues of Gesneriads
  • PDF copy of 2013 Gesneriad Calendar

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