Convention 2013 DVD


This DVD contains 12 PowerPoint Presentations
  • Gesneriad Hybridizers Association presentations by Dale Martens
  • Judging Trained or Sculptured, Educational, and Commercial Entries by Dale Martens
  • Species Streptocarpus by Bob and Dee Stewart
  • Approaching Perfection: Growing and Showing Gesneriads by Bill Price
  • The Natural History of Pollinators, Pouches and Flowers by John L. Clark
  • Paliavana, Sinningia, and Vanhouttea by Alain Chautems
  • Gesneriad Conservation Center of China by Stephen Maciejewski
  • Floral Convergence for Bat-Pollinated Gesneria and Rhytidophyllum by François Lambert
  • Pollination Syndromes of Gesneria and Rhytidophyllum in Cuba by Hermine Alexandre
  • Montreal Botanical Gardens by Ron Myhr
  • Flower Show by Julie Mavity-Hudson and the Photography Committee
  • People and Events by Jeanne Katzenstein and the Photography Committee
  • 21 Flower Show Videos by Peter Shalit
  • Hundreds of high-resolution images of plants and people
  • PDF copies of all four 2013 issues of Gesneriads

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