Convention 2014 DVD


This DVD contains 11 PowerPoint and 2 PDF Presentations:

  • Why Most Paradrymonia and Nautilocalyx Species Must Change their Names by Marcela Mora
  • Sharing My Methods of Propagating Gesneriads by Mel Grice
  • Gesneriads at the Atlanta Botanical Garden by Michael Wenzel
  • Vietnam and Gesneriads – Mystery Upon Mystery by Wen Fang
  • Diversity and Conservation of the Family Gesneriaceae in Colombia by student Laura Clavijo
  • Floral Ecology of Primulina by student Hong Xin
  • Species Delimitation of Gesneria viridiflora and Haitian Gesneriads by student François Lambert
  • Resolving generic boundaries of Rhytidophyllum and Gesneria: a Molecular Phylogeny of Caribbean Gesnerieae by student Reece Watson
  • GHA: New Hybrid Introductions by Dale Martens
  • Gesneritrek 2014 – More Than Enough Gesneriads (including videos) by Paul Susi
  • Gesneriad Conservation Center of China 2013/2014 Work Report by Wen Fang
  • Flower Show I by Julie Mavity-Hudson and the Photography Committee
  • Flower Show II by Jeanne Katzenstein, Mel Grice, and the Photography Committee
  • People and Events by Jeanne Katzenstein and the Photography Committee


  • 9 Flower Show (plus 2 other) Videos by Peter Shalit
  • Hundreds of high-resolution images of plants and people
  • PDF copies of all four 2014 issues of Gesneriads

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