Webinar Master Class: Hybridizing Gesneriads


Master Class: Hybridizing Gesneriads

This webinar is a four-part downloadable program created by The Gesneriad Society to help those looking to either get started on a hybridizing adventure or fine-tune their existing programs. The classes start with a program on the basics of genetics. This is followed by in-depth sessions on saintpaulias, streptocarpus and sinningias.

The presenters for this unique program consists of professionals renowned in their areas. The lecturers for this series include:

  • Jeff Smith, a botanist known for his expertise in the saintpaulia species
  • Dale Martens, the chairperson of the Gesneriad Hybridizers Association and hybridizer of the Heartland’s, Iced, and Dale’s series of plants
  • Pat Hancock, famed hybridizer of the beautifully variegated violet Buckeye series and owner of Buckeye African Violets, joined by Mel Grice, First Vice President of the Gesneriad Society
  • Karen Allen, a hybridizer looking to strengthen some of the fantasy characteristics in streptocarpus and the creator of the "3S" series of streptocarpus
  • Jeremy Stevens, a prolific hybridizer working to get more yellow into his sinningias and the creator of the "JS" series of sinningias

The sessions are as follows:

  • Genetics (40 minutes)
  • Hybridizing Saintpaulias (21 minutes)
  • Hybridizing Sinningias (43 minutes)
  • Hybridizing Streptocarpus (51 minutes)

While the program will definitely help wanna-be hybridizers get started, there is a lot there for those who are more advanced. The programs contain specific real-life examples which each presenter has used in creating their own hybrids. They share what has worked and what has not. They are also quick to point out which traits are dominant and which are recessive. It is not always what you would expect.

Some of the other issues discussed include:

  • How to get variegation in the foliage
  • What to do to increase your odds of getting a fantasy bloom
  • When and what to discard (not all your babies will be worthy of wider distribution)
  • Setting hybridizing goals and how to increase your odds of getting those results
  • Suggested parents when looking for smaller size, scent and variegation
  • And much more.

You will receive an email with your links to the downloadable sessions within 48 hours of placing your order. There will be four links so you can listen to each program separately, in any order.  These sessions are available as downloadable MP4 files – which means that they are yours to keep and add to your gesneriad library. The MP4 file format is compatible with both Windows and Apple products

Please note that while you can have as many people as you want in the room listening, you cannot share your link with others.

The $19.95 price is for all four sessions. At this time it is not possible to offer the sessions individually.

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