Webinar: Meet the Gesneriad Family (Streaming)


Meet the Gesneriad Family (Streaming)

While the names of some gesneriads might be difficult to pronounce, growing them is just a matter of knowing what to do. Many are quite accommodating and grow in the same conditions as African violets. In fact, most violet growers have at least one or two other gesneriads in their collection. Are you not quite certain where to start? The Gesneriad Society is now offering you a unique opportunity to listen to one of its own members share her considerable expertise on this subject.

This webinar will be available online for “any time” viewing until further notice. Please allow 24–48 hours to receive your viewing link once you have ordered the webinar. Please note that while you can have as many people as you want in the room listening, you cannot share your link with others. The unique login link will only admit one computer.

If you prefer to watch offline, check out the download product.

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