Webinar: Joy of Sinningias


The Joy of Sinningias: Listen to a Pro from the Comfort of Your Home

Alan LaVergne is a man who has grown many different types of sinningias for a long time. What’s more, he has a lot of fun with growing, propagating and hybridizing them. Learn how to grow this remarkably diverse group of plants from a man who has devoted considerable time and efforts to this genus. He is the driving force behind the website Sinningia and Friends and has extensive experience growing sinningias both indoors and outdoors. He has graciously agreed to share this expertise in a Gesneriad Society webinar. This is a unique opportunity to hear from someone who can combine his practical hands-on experience with the information you need to grow these remarkable plants. This webinar is available for anytime (streaming) viewing or as a download. Please allow up to 48 to receive your link after placing your order. 

Please note that while you can have as many people as you want in the room listening, you cannot share your link with others for them to download. Don't miss this opportunity to add to your gesneriad reference library!

The Gesneriad Society is not responsible for the inability of a downloaded file to run on individual computers. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to resolve such issues. Downloads are not eligible for refunds; however, credits will be extended. 

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