Webinar: Petrocosmeas



Are you in awe of those beautifully formed petrocosmeas, the ones that some folks call dinner plates? Would you like to be able to grow them and perhaps even coax a few flowers out of them? Bev Williams, an acclaimed grower and winner of many blue ribbons, does both. She not only grows these magnificent plants, winning many prizes for her entries, she’s got a basement full of blooming petrocosmeas. How do we know? She shares many pictures of her own growing area in this special one-hour presentation she put together for Gesneriad Society webcast viewers.

The Gesneriad Society is very pleased to sponsor this special presentation. Not only does she share her secrets for growing these little-understood plants into outstanding specimens, she talks about her use of LED lighting.

On August 9th, the Society will release the link to this awesome presentation. Now, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to grow these beautiful plants from someone who truly enjoys growing them for the modest price of $9.95. Best of all, with the anytime listening feature you can watch the session more than once. Perhaps your local gardening club or chapter would enjoy this at one of their meetings??

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